How it works

New Music Incubator is organised in 2 phases:

Phase 1. 20 music practitioners from different countries meet at a music centre somewhere in Europe, preferably in the countryside. Every day, composers and musicians in groups makes new pieces, that are premiered on the eve of their conception. The music is created in close collaboration between performers and composers. In addition, all participants lead a workshop on their instruments/equipment/techniques/working-methods etc. All concerts are internal and without audiences. The project design will ensure that no one works with the same person twice.

In between the two courses, NMI will encourage contact between participants. The purpose of the continued contact will be to favour a process of critical reflection after the intense creativity of the first phase. Through this dialogue it is envisaged that a clearer perspective on the work will emerge for developing work in the second phase.

Phase 2. The participants meet again some months later in a major city, to re-develop, rehearse and perform some of the works for a public concert. This phase may result in live recordings of the work and will complete a creative cycle for the participants. The contrast between the locations of the countryside and the city is designed to reflect a different pace of work and provide the right environment for the different phases of the creative process.

Envisaged outcomes for participants
Besides generating a number of new musical works, the New Music Incubator will bring about:

  • Increased understanding of different genres and working methods among practitioners
  • Development of improved and effective notation for new contexts
  • Development of collaborative skills, co-creation and improvisation
  • Improved skills for approaching interpretation of new works (performers)
  • Formation of new ensembles & projects
  • Enhanced networks in contemporary music
  • New national and transnational contacts

It is envisaged that the participants will pass on much of what they learn to their colleagues beyond the course. The knowledge and contacts gained in four intensive days is thus likely to continue to grow well beyond the 20 people involved.

Recruitment process
The participants are selected either through an open application process, or through a nomination process. The nominees will apply with a CV and a statement outlining why they would like to be part of the course. 20 participants will then be invited to take part, based on selection criteria which include experience, motivation and a desire to ensure a good mix of people.