Context & Aims

As radical new practice within contemporary art music appears to be dissolving distinctions between genres and ‘high and low’ art, the New Music Incubator seeks to provide new collaborative experiences which function as creative and professional development for practitioners working in the emergent new musical environment. Through collaborative processes and experiential learning, participants have the opportunity to re-examine their working practice. New Music Incubator will create a meeting place for artists from the different new music scenes in Europe and elsewhere and seeks to encourage the development of new networks and artistic alliances.

New Music Incubator is a creative laboratory for professional practitioners in the field of contemporary art music. NMI hopes to attract performers, composers, improvisers, and sound artists who want to learn more about each other’s practice and to continue to develop their own. Through the creation of a supportive environment that encourages risk-taking, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with new processes and techniques, and to try things that they might not have attempted in other contexts.
Equally important is the establishment of cross-cultural and trans-national networks with other professional practitioners in contemporary music.

Programme sustainability and long term vision
With New Music Incubator, strong personal and artistic relationships are established every year. New ensembles and new connections will arise and flourish, often including the involvement of people outside the original participants. As a consequence of the first six completed courses, a myriad of new international groups, projects and performances has emerged.
The NMI model is proven and reproducible in a wide range of contexts. The next phase is to test New Music Incubator in an audience development context, where all concerts are public, and digitally broadcasted.